Abigail Hayes, usually called Abby, is the main character.


Abby loves the color purple and writing in her journal. Her favorite teacher is Ms. Bunder, because they are both writers. Abby's best friends in elementary school were Natalie and Jessica, while her best friends in middle school are Hannah and Jessica.


Abby has wild red, tangled curls. Her hair ranges in length throughout the series. She is usually seen wearing a striped tank top and capris in 5th grade, and more mature clothes in 6th.


The Hayes family has four children, counting Abby. Abby has two older twin sisters, Eva and Isabel. They are both very talented in different things. Eva is a wonderful athlete and also smart, while Isabel is practically a genius and very creative. Abby also has a younger brother, Alex, who is a science whiz. He is her closest sibling, as the twins fight constantly. Abby gets along pretty well with her stay-at-home father, Paul, and her lawyer mother, Olivia, but mostly Paul. Isabel and Abby also share a kitten named T-Jeff (Thomas Jefferson).